Sharing and giving is one of life’s delights! We love playing matchmaker and fulfilling the wishes of the giver and receiver. Whether you’re shopping for a bridal occasion, birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion, we make it all happen effortlessly from choosing to delivering.

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Start a Wish List:

1. Make an appointment with the Kitchen Collage registry expert. Fill out this form, and we will get in touch with you to schedule a good time.

2. At your appointment, we’ll give you a personal tour and acquaint you with the options with one-to-one assistance as you select your desired gifts.

3. After the appointment, send us a photo of yourself, the Kitchen Collage Staff will create a Registry page for you including all your photo and selected items. Then we’ll send you an email to let you know that everything is ready and the link to your registry page for sharing with others.

Shopping for a Gift:

1. Select and give a gift in a variety of ways:

  • Shop online through the Registry Page

  • Stop in and select a gift (avoid shipping!)

  • Call and let us know your choices

2. Kitchen Collage provides free gift wrap and delivery to local addresses and will ship UPS for applicable fee.


Why have your registry at Kitchen Collage?

✓ Personal service
✓ Shopping locally supports your community
✓ 15+ years experience in fulfilling registry wishes  
✓ Premium products that last a lifetime
✓ Perfect start to an awesome kitchen  
✓ Unique gifts exclusive to Kitchen Collage
✓ Free gift wrap and free local delivery
✓ Discount available for a certain time period for
   purchasing remaining registry items