Kitchen Collage
430 E. Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
(P)(515) 270-8202
(F)(515) 270-8516
Bodrum Apron Mandarin Gelato (MAN-0440 $45.00

Bodrum Chef's Mitt 2 Piece Green $28.00

Bodrum Riviera Napkin Chartreuse $15.00

Browne&Co. BBQ Mitt (110120-10) $25.99

Browne&Co. Red BBQ Mitt (110120-11) $25.00

Browne&Co. Small Lime OvenMitt (110120-10) $22.00

Casabella Orange Pot Holder (53014) $9.99

Chef's Oven Mitt Euro Extra Long Black $23.00

Flour Sack Rooster Theme Towels $9.99

Floursack Towels Set of 3 White $10.99

Fox Run Dish Drying Mat $7.99

Gerbrend Creations Cotton Towel Navy (KT112/05) $13.99

Gerbrend Creations Cotton Towel Red (KT112R) $13.99

Kay Dee Marina Windowpane Dishcloth (A8763) $6.99

Kay Dee Marina Windowpane Towel (A8762) $6.99

KD Indigo Ribbed 2 Piece Dishcloths $4.99

KD Indigo Ribbed Kitchen Towel $4.99

KD Marina Ribbed 2 Piece Dishcloths $4.99

KD Marina Ribbed Kitchen Towel $4.99

KD Peacock Ribbed 2 Piece Dishcloths $4.99

KD Peacock Ribbed Kitchen Towel $4.99

Kitchen Supply Oven Pad Round $5.00

Ladelle Dyani Individual Tea Towel (0043) $8.99

Ladelle Life Can Get Messy Pot Holder 2pack $5.50

Le Jacquard Diamant Amber Apron $69.00

Le Jacquard Diamant Crystal Napkin (19458) $34.00

Le Jacquard Double Jeu Napkins Passion Red $22.50

Le Jacquard Double Jeu Tablecloth Passion Red $215.00

Le Jacquard Napkin Azulejos Grey 22"x22" $22.50

Le Jacquard Napkin Bosphore Blanc 22"x22" $30.00

Le Jacquard Napkin Provence Strawberry $22.50

Le Jacquard Samarakand Kumquat 69" SQ Tablecloth $195.00

Le Jacquard Sienna Ruby Table Runner $135.00

Le Jacquard Table Cloth Venezia Ash Beige 69x98 (17529) $450.00

Le Jacquard Tablecloth Azulejos Grey 69x98 $299.00

Le Jacquard Tablecloth Jacaranda Argentine Purple $215.00

Le Jacquard Tablecloth Provence Strawberry $215.00

Le Jacquard Tea Towel Bistro Port $22.99

Le Jacquard Tea Towel Cordoue Grenadine $24.00

Le Jacquard Tea Towel Kumquat Orange $24.00

Le Jacquard Tea Towel Pasteque Green $24.00

Le Jacquard Tea Towel Utensiles Cobalt Towel $22.00

Le Jacquard Venezia Cornelian Tablecloth $335.00

Le Jacquard Zingaro Napkin (19556) $18.00

Le Jacquard Zingaro Tablecloth 55x102 (20011) $273.00

LeCreuset Handle Mitt Flame $8.00

LeCreuset Handle Mitt Red $6.00

LeJacquard Double Jeu Passion Red Runner $83.00

LeJacquard Pivoine Placemat Smoke $18.00

LeJacquard Provence Lemon/Green Runner $90.00

LeJacquard Prunus Blue Napkin $22.00

LeJacquard Samarkand Kumquat Napkin $20.00

LeJacquard Tea Towel Datura - Fuschia $24.00

LeJacquard Tea Towel Seville - Grenadine $24.00

LeJacquard Villa Toscane Marble Napkin $22.50

Linen Me Blue/White Multistripe Hand Towel $20.00

Linen Me Francesca Blue Linen Towel $20.00

Magnolia Oven Mitt/Pot Holder Set $15.00

Microfiber Waffle Kitchen Cloths $8.99

Microfiber Waffle Kitchen Towels $11.99

MU Flour Sack Towels Set 3 White $11.00

NOW Designs Betty Harbor Apron $25.00

Now Designs Blue Element Print Placemat $8.99

Now Designs DC Grey $6.99

NOW Designs Harbor Pot Holder (803018) $5.99

Now Designs Indigo Scrub Dishcloth $6.99

Now Designs Kitchen Towel Ripple Grey $8.99

Now Designs Onions Set of 3 Tea Towels (2228023) $16.99

Now Designs Ripple Towel Leaf $8.99

Now Designs Tea Towel Ciao $13.99

Now Designs Tulip Tea Towel $8.99

NOW Holder Flameguard Black $4.00

NOW Holder Flameguard Cactus $4.00

Primitive Artisan Paris Garden Orchard Lime Dishtowel (110134ORL) $5.99

Sobremesa Reversible Alpaca Throw Cayenne (TTH002) $200.00

Sobremesa Reversible Alpaca Throw Teal $200.00

Terra Organic Dish Towels Set of 3 $17.99

Tidy Organic Dish Cloths Set of 3 $7.00