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Tabletop: Serving Pieces
LeCreuset Cake Stand Cherry $50.00

LeCreuset Cheese Server w/Board Cherry $100.00

Match Convivio Medium Oval Serving Platter (1542.0) $330.00

Match Convivio Oval Serving Platter $205.00

Match Convivio Oval Serving Platter (1505.0) $390.00

Match Convivio Round Serving/Casserole Platter $811.00

Match Luisa Footed Serving Bowl Large $307.00

Match Oval Fish Platter $450.00

Match Pewter Rimmed Bowl Large $205.00

Match Round Tray with Handles $290.00

Pillivuyt 2qt Romano Bowl (190121BL) $35.00

Pillivuyt American Style Butter Tray w/Lid (270318BX) $54.00

Pillivuyt Asparagus Drainer/Server $80.00

Pillivuyt Bowl Plisse 2.5qt $78.00

Pillivuyt Buffet Platter $132.00

Pillivuyt Cake Stand $72.00

Pillivuyt Cheese/Cake Tray Large $61.00

Pillivuyt Cheese/Cake Tray Medium $51.00

Pillivuyt Cheese/Cake Tray Small $45.00

Pillivuyt Fish Platter 23x8in $102.00

Pillivuyt Footed Bowl 1qt $39.00

Pillivuyt Footed Bowl 3qt (170127BL) $82.00

Pillivuyt Footed Bowl 4qt $138.00

Pillivuyt Footed Bowl 4qt $153.00

Pillivuyt Gravy Boat 10oz (960107BL) $34.00

Pillivuyt Mehun Milk Jug 2oz $14.50

Pillivuyt Mehun Milk Jug 3oz $17.00

Pillivuyt Mehun Milk Jug 6oz $22.00

Pillivuyt Mehun Milk Jug 9oz $25.00

Pillivuyt Oval Eared Dish 11in. (240334BL) $53.00

Pillivuyt Oval Platter 10x7in (240126BL) $33.00

Pillivuyt Oval Platter 14.5x10in $74.00

Pillivuyt Oval Platter 18x12 (240145BL) $108.00

Pillivuyt Plisse 2qt Oval Baker (224231BL) $63.00

Pillivuyt Plisse Bowl 14oz (174215) $30.00

Pillivuyt Plisse Plate for Sauceboat $17.00

Pillivuyt Plisse Sauceboat $32.00

Pillivuyt Quartet Rectangle Roaster 3qt $70.00

Pillivuyt Rectangular Platter (224026BL) $29.00

Pillivuyt Rectangular Platter 15x5.5in $44.00

Pillivuyt Rectangular Serving Platter (640937BL) $41.00

Pillivuyt Ribbed Bowl Extra Large 8qt $199.00

Pillivuyt Ribbed Bowl Large $72.00

Pillivuyt Ribbed Bowl Medium 1.5qt $48.00

Pillivuyt Salmon Platter $102.00

Prodyne Iced Dip $21.99

Q Squared Chip and Dip Orange $19.99

Revol Sauce Boat Fat/Lean $56.00

Rosle Meat Serving Fork (12622) $16.00

Rosle Sauce Ladle $36.00

Terrafirma Small Fish Plate Black Rain (82486303) $130.00

Vietri Countryside Pitcher $122.00

Vietri Peacock Aqua Serving Bowl (PCK-5232) $95.00

Vietri Settimocielo Stainless Steel Boxed Serving Set $66.00

Vietri Settimocielo Stainless Steel Boxed Set Cheese Knives $99.00