Kitchen Collage
430 E. Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
(P)(515) 270-8202
(F)(515) 270-8516


About Us

Kitchen Collage is more than just a retail store in an inviting neighborhood, its the result of a shared dream by two good friends, one from the country, the other from the big city. The store started with a desire to be in business for ourselves while we juggled families with careers. Our families are at the core of what makes us tick, and Kitchen Collage has become a natural extension of our own kitchens, and a second home where we work and play.


Between us, we have eight children ranging from kindergarten to thirty. There are five through college, some in graduate school, and one just married. We enjoy the range of stimulation each of our children offer and feel lucky to have first-hand insights into Gen Y, Gen X, the Millennials, and even that yet-to-be-named next generation.


Passion describes our approach to most things in our lives, and our many interests spill creatively into our business and vice versa. We’re passionate about the Greater Des Moines community and all that it offers, particularly the neighborhood renaissance that we’re a part of in the East Village. We treasure local farmers and do our best to support the development of our local food systems and contribute to our area food pantry. We value the tenacity of those combating cancer and enthusiastically participate in events that assist survivors in their wellness quest.


Thanks to a cadre of loyal clients, new and old, we’ve been in business since 1999, first in Urbandale, and subsequently at our current location in Des Moines’ East Village since 2004. We’re grateful for our fabulous staff members that make a visit to Kitchen Collage a welcoming, repeatable shopping experience. We value their knowledge and their ability to be focused on you, our valued customer.


You’ll find our eclectic personalities revealed in the unique selection of items we’ve chosen for you — from classic to quirky, practical to eccentric, from elegant to waggish — a true collage. We’re always changing, always in motion, and always ready to warmly welcome you into our kitchen!


Teresa & Molly

Aug 2012 — We’d like to offer our gratitude to Barbara Mack, a loyal customer, and media professor from Iowa State University, who has been an inspiration and mentor to us in our business. Her kind words and advice over the years have helped us challenge ourselves and grow. While Barbara passed away recently, her presence in our lives has been a rare gift; her influence lives on and continues to inspire us in all our endeavors.